On the beauty of stackable things

In the Sound of Music, Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things.


Well my favorite things are, stackable things. They fulfill their function when you need them, and store nicely when you don't. This way they achieve separation in time principle. Here are examples in action.

1 Coffe cups

My friend Carlos owns "La Vendimia", a super nice coffee shop. There they have many types of coffee cups my favorite by far is this:


Because it has the magic of stackable:


Let's compare this with the alternative, unstackable coffe mugs:


For me the choice is clear

2 Chairs

Continuing with the coffee shop example there are two kinds of chairs, the practical:


and the impractical


3 Food Containers

Stacked food containers are good.


But stacked containers inside each others are better.


4 Water thanks

For example in México where I live is common to see in the road trucks fully loaded with water tanks.


But in a trip to Colombia we discovered water tanks, like this one:


On the surface they do the same, however the ones in Colombia are stackable, which makes them much more practical:


5 Shipping Containers

It's hard to remember but there was a time when shipping containers where not the standard and that was a hinderance to global commerce. Se we passed of transporting things with different shapes:


To the much more efficient way to do it now: modern_ship_loading.jpeg

Thanks to the magic of the stackable shipping container single_shipping_container.png

So when I'm in the market ready to buy several things, of the same type (chairs, glasses, dishers, boxes, etc). I just need to remember the voice of Julie Andrews, sing about stackable things and the choice is clear.

Date: 2020-02-08 sáb 00:00

Author: Alejandro Garcia

Created: 2020-02-08 sáb 17:51